Engine rebuild

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Understanding engines remains a profession in itself

When an engine rebuild is necessary, a lot of work and craftsmanship is involved. No two engines are the same. For us, it is also very important to know what the customers expect. Will it just be an engine refresh, or will it serve as a racing engine?

With older engines we like to continue preserving the original engine block; this involves a lot of extra work and is of course more time-consuming, while with more common engines a standardized engine overhaul takes place.

And we haven’t even started about the carburettors yet…

A reconditioned engine is one thing but is only half finished without a set of reconditioned carburetors. They make a car, complete.

In addition to a standard overhaul, which is the same for almost every carburettor, it is also possible to galvanize or passivate parts that qualify for this and have lost some shine over the past decades.

We ensure that an engine continues to run at its very best with a set of well-overhauled, properly adjusted carburettors.

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