Steutel - Restorers of classic cars

Thé company for your classic car since 1982. From repairs, adjustments, to complete restorations. Your classic has no secrets for us!

Our expertise

Maintenance and Repairs

For standard maintenance, adjusting carburetors or adjusting brakes. We ensure that your classic car can safely get back on the road.

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Complete body-off restorations are not uncommon for us. A full engine overhaul, creaking gearbox, squeaky seat, or rust damage? Please take a closer look!

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Would you rather be able to shift gears in a different way? Do you need adjustments to your engine to connect with your driving style? Almost everything is possible. We can set-up your car to your personal taste.

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Pre-Purchase inspections

We can help you by offering appropriate advice if you are interested in a certain classic car. To prevent you from buying the wrong car.

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The story behind Steutel garage

A company that has existed for 40 years and is a household name within the Alfa Romeo world. Our company is focused on classic cars and is run full of passion, from a time where attention was still paid tot the way the sheet metal was formed and how a car looks, the engine sound should be a thing you wanted to listen to and you had to be a proper skilled driver to tame the car. A small family business that continues to grow steadily, with a keen eye for the most important thing: Delivering high quality work on stunning classic cars.

About us

A candy store for every car enthusiast…

With over 4500 m2 of surface area, we have plenty of space to work on your classic car. This includes our showroom, workshop, museum, meeting room, storage and even a lot of space for many parts.

Our old-fashioned, warm and characteristic ambiance makes Garage Steutel exceptional in the Netherlands. While many companies are modernizing, we are standing still in time. This is how we remain unique!